Blodgett Ovens

Blodgett ovens are oven manufacturers providing various types of ovens in the field that are setting trends and standards in the field. The Brand has a name for itself as since its inception in 1848 the brand is still making new progress and is providing newest ground-breaking technologies in this business.

Blodgett is offering a big variety of ovens through its outlets and website. The ovens offered have a unique set of features. The Blodgett Ovens are pioneer in the innovation of hydrogen based ovens. The features that every single Blodgett oven has includes quality furnishing, Full angle iron frame that insures the strength behind the attachment of each oven body, rigid framed insulation to make sure that the oven gets hot faster and hence in terms produces the food faster, easyl controllable device operation while checking well-framed baking compartment.

Blodgett ovens are available in a variety of range for everyone’s requirement whether it is a housewife that is buying it for her kitchen or a restaurant owner, the Blodgett Ovens catalogues covers it all. The list of Blodgett ovens consists of a vast variety of ovens in series of The traditional Convection ovens which is a trend setter in the industry along with Combi ovens from Blodgett, Rotating rack ovens, Hydrovections deck ovens. The Ovens are offered in following series-

a) The BCP series: The BCP series of Ovens features a programmable control with the ability to keep in its storage around 200 recipes with 10 baking stages in one program, 9 speed changing fans and features that allow it to clean itself.

b) The BCM series: The BCM series of ovens provides a more user friendly interface and puts the control in user’s hands. The ovens of this series are available in half, full and roll-in type of ovens. The ovens in BCM ovens contain features such as core cooking, and self cleaning.

c) The BCX series: The BCX series of Ovens is available in full size ovens and it contains a feature called steam on demand that provides steam when needed, along with a dual door.

d) The BC series: The BC series involves the Rollin Combi ovens. The BC series ovens are best in the business for big amount of productions and operations.

Blodgett OvensBlodgett ovens are now offering Hydrovection ovens. The Hydrovection is a one of its kind oven product with some excellent features. It uses hydrogen an innovative air-distribution technique that heats the food faster than the convectional ovens and keeps the quality unchanged in the cooked food. The Hydrovection contains a multi-speed,  bi-directional air blower that speeds up the cooking.

The hydrovection ovens come with following features that sets it apart from other ordinary ovens. The Doors are fully welded with iron frame that gives these products the strength and durability they need. The Blodgett oven comes with its signature style turnbuckle doors that are easy to handle. The Doors are mounted directly into the frame hence giving it an extra edge on durability.

Blodgett ovens are not only full features packed but are also good for earth. The ovens have eco-friendly designs and features. The Devices are well-insulated to avoid heat wasting, thus require less power. The Blodgett ovens have a thermostatic quench system that saves water and the door is coated efficiently that keeps the hot air and moisture inside.


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