Blodgett Ovens

An Oven is a device that consists of a chamber that is heat insulated for the purpose of heating, baking, and drying. The use of it is done for the cooking purpose.

Blodgett ovens-

Blodgett is one of the biggest names in kitchen appliances. The company has been manufacturing quality products since 1848. The Brand has specialized in Products as Ovens. Blodgett has a big range of ovens in it’s catalogue for you. The company offers the following types of Ovens-

Gas Ovens: The gas oven consists of a gas chamber that is used to produce heat required in the cooking of food. The Ovens are available with added with an enamel coating with the oven production to make its cleaning part easier.

Blodgett Ovens

Masonry ovens: Masonry ovens have a baking chamber in itself. These modern masonry ovens use natural gases or electricity for the generation of heat required. These are mostly used for bread or pizza.

Microwave oven: These types of ovens work on electricity and use micro radiations as the heat source that is needed for the cooking purpose. These are the mostly used in present world.

Blodgett provides many designs in its ovens that are useful in various sectors to fulfil one’s need of an oven. The Blodgett Ovens accommodates some very brilliant features within that consists of- Full angle iron frame which ensures that the oven will remain in its initial integrity even after years after purchasing, Rigid frame insulation that keeps it hot inside and make it faster for food to be prepared, double side porcelain baking compartment to provide easy and useful baking solution.

Blodgett ovens design catalogue:

1. Convection ovens: Blodgett convection ovens are setting up standards for the ovens in this category. The ovens provide easy control and access, are well-insulated and have an excellent body that avoids all the trouble and damages. These ovens are available in Half and full size along with option of Bakery depth ovens.  The convection oven from Blodgett is available with a two year warranty on its parts and an extended 5 year warranty on its door.

2. Combi ovens: Blodgett has an attractive combi series of ovens for its customers. The series offers a lot of variations to choose from as-

a) The BCP series: The BCP series of Ovens features a programmable control with the ability to keep in its storage around 200 recipes with 10 baking stages in one program, 9 speed changing fans and features that allow it to clean itself.

b) The BCM series: The BCM series of ovens provides a more user friendly interface and puts the control in user’s hands. The ovens of this series are available in half, full and roll-in type of ovens. The ovens in BCM ovens contain features such as core cooking, and self cleaning.

c) The BCX series: The BCX series of Ovens is available in full size ovens and it contains a feature called steam on demand that provides steam when needed, along with a dual door.

d) The BC series: The BC series involves the Rollin Combi ovens. The BC series ovens are best in the business for big amount of productions and opearations.

Blodgett ovens also feature ovens in category of rotating rack, Hydrovection, Deck ovens, along with many Steam equipment. Every oven in the Blodgett collection is prepared by the same tough standards as the convection ovens and goes through various quality checks.


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